Portrait // Hannah: Cold Mountain

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE weddings. Weddings are my obsession per say, but sometimes you just need to get out and take some pictures with your friends exploring just because you can! That is what we did this morning. We got up pretty early, got our coffee, muffin, and lemon pound cake and headed to cold mountain. Its not really a "hike" its more like a 15 minute slow incline walk up the mountain. At first  you come to a clearing and I was like this is it? BUT just keep going to the next clearing and you will be like THIS IS IT! It was beautiful. And as Hannah kept saying: it is incredible how much you can hear the wind. It was a beautiful calming sound. We had a perfectly beautiful sunny morning. Luckily the thunderstorm held off until this afternoon. I love going on adventures like this. So to my brides: if you want me to climb a mountain, run around you like a mad woman with sparklers, fly in a helicopter with you (all of which I have already done), or pretty much anything else I will more than likely be completely on board. 

Leah Seavers2 Comments