Bridal Portraits- Kara


Do you ever have those days where you are just itching to do a shoot or be creative? I've had those days lately. I love my job as a marketing photographer, but bridals and weddings are whole different creative outlet that I get so excited about! Kara has become a good friend from work. We workout every week day morning together, and shes been a great encouragement for me to be dedicated to my fitness journey. She got married up north a couple of weeks ago, but I was dying to do her bridal portraits. We ordered some bouquets from Petal Flower Company, and went downtown Lynchburg for the photos. It was a perfect day for it! Warm, but not too hot. We went down to Court St downtown first and then over to Lynchburg grows! I LOVE this session and appreciate this new friendship! Check it out

Florals: Petal Flower Company

Leah SeaversComment