Celebration Bridal: Lynchburg Virginia Styled Shoot


I cannot believe it is coming up on a year since this photo shoot! This shoot was nothing short of spectacular. There was 3 brides, 3 grooms, 3 photographs, 1 makeup artist, 1 hair stylist, many dresses and many locations. I always think its sort of intimidating to photograph other photographers because you know they know what they are doing and are watching everything you are doing as well. BUT these people are incredible. We got to show up good old downtown Lynchburg and many different beautiful dresses from Celebration Bridal. Love is in the air did a small dinner set up with rentals from Happily Ever After Rentals. Bloom by Doyles created some dream bouquets. Makeup by Ashley killed the makeup game and Summer did some dreamy updos. Some bling bling was provided by Finks to make every bride sparkle. This industry is nothing sort of fantastic. I have met so many amazing humans and good friends throughout this season of being a wedding photographer. I have grown so much and continue to grow everyday. Hey Celebration Bridal, I wouldn't be opposed to doing this again sometime soon!