About me

  1. If you are ever in doubt of what to get me for a gift: dessert scented candles are my favorite

  2. I am obsessed with all things giraffes

  3. I am a dog mom

  4. Cannoli = best dessert on the planet

  5. Iced caramel macchiato is my jam

  6. I played basketball K-12 grade

  7. Not only do I do weddings, but I am also a full time photographer for Liberty University


-Places i’ve been: Romania, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Rome, Positano, Venice, London, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii
-Places I want to go: Grand Canyons, Alaska, Moraine Lake, Paris, Ireland, Iceland, Philippians, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and wherever else I can


When I started this business in high school, a strong name was always important to me.

I wanted clients to identify with me as their photographer, but was looking for something more meaningful than my own name. I started thinking about the things of most value to me, and my desire to experience new places was high on the list. I have always thought the different cultures and languages of the world were beautiful, so I began researching Latin words that would tie in with my mission for the business.

I landed on Gaudium because it means joy. Joy in Christ completely changed me. My earthly joy comes from capturing memories through photography. The joy of a wedding day is like no other. It is my mission to intentionally capture the unforgettable joy and adventure in all of life’s moments.